Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the bota bag that best suits your needs. Get the right wineskin and enjoy it for longer!


The most important question to answer when buying a bota bag is surely whether your it should have a classic pitch interior (pine and / or juniper resin) or otherwise a latex or plastic interior.

The pitch-lined bota bag is the original wineskin and is perfectly suited for frequent use with wine

as long as we adhere to proper use and care conditions


if you are going to use your bota bag with beverages other than wine, if use is not going to be very frequent (weekly for instance) or if you wish to cool it in the fridge, we suggest that you opt for a latex-lined one:

the only difference from the pitch-lined bota bag is in the inner waterproofing, but it is more versatile and requires less care than the pitch-lined wineskin.


Our catalog offers straight and curved goatskin bota bags, both in tan and darkened with natural dyes. Here are some tips about the specific reasons of these different versions

The ‘Straight’ tan-colored bota bags are the most traditional and popular

and they became very well-known after being part of the regulatory equipment carried by the Spanish soldiers during the late 19th century war of Cuba.

The ‘Curved’ bota bags on the other hand emerged to allow use in narrow tunnels (mines)

and have a strong tradition in the Spanish northwest regions as well as in Latin American countries such as Chile or Mexico.

With regard to the ‘Supreme’ or black bota bags

they follow the tradition of wineskins made in the past with goat’s ’belly’ skin, the finest and silkiest skin, and with natural dyes they provide greater protection and durability to our bota bags.


In recent decades, alternatives to the traditional leather wineskin have emerged (in our case only top-quality goat leather).

These materials (Neoprene, Corduroy or modern synthetic leathers) offer aesthetic alternatives in addition to being highly resistant (e.g. to snow, ice …) during outdoor sports (hunting, skiing, and mountaineering). 

All of them are sewn and cut by hand and all have latex interiors, suitable for For use with any type of beverage.

If you also want your bota bag to accompany you for a long time, don't forget to look...

Taking care of your Bota Bag know how to take care of it on a day-to-day basis.