Here is basic information for website visitors from outside Spain. We give an account of issues related to the different purchase channels from outside Spain as well as issues related to shipments or customs duties that may be of interest.


Orders through our website:

You will find our entire range available for international shipments on this website ( Prices include shipping costs for visitors from Spain and Portugal (Penisula), USA, Canada and Mexico. For any other countries shipping costs will be calculated and added to the price at the end of the ordering process

Orders through Amazon:

France/Germany/Italy: You can find a selection of our products at, and respectively. The most popular latex-lined models are available with ‘Prime’ service through Amazon direct logistics

Orders through

You will find a wide assortment on the handicraft platform in our ‘store’:
Here we offer the option to customize our classic leather (white) wineskins at no additional cost in addition to the prices offered already including the shipping costs.


You can find our products at the following international dealers:


Fernández Regalos

Francisco Bilbao 280, Coyhaique, Región de Aysén, Chile

+56 976 951 306

Librería Nazar

Local 119, Zona Franca, Punta Arenas, Región de Magallanes, Chile

+56 612 216 759

FB: Librería Nazar

Instagram: Librería_Nazar

Catrón – Manuel Catrón e Hijos Ltda

If you are interested in distributing our products in your country, please contact us at


International shipments are by air, regardless of the service contracted and the platform used. Accordingly, wineskins need to ’travel’ deflated to avoid damage caused by the effect of atmospheric pressure in the aircraft hold.
In the case of shipments to countries with taxes and / or customs charges on imports, we will accompany all the documentation needed for its processing, although payment will always be borne by the buyer.
In the event that the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal without having previously satisfied the import taxes, Las Tres Z.Z.Z. reserves the right to withhold from the refund, the costs of the repatriation or destruction of the product.
Within the European Union the prices include the VAT applicable to the purchase and is settled where required.