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How to prepare your pitch bota bag

What do our customer say?

Professional, attentive and extremely complete service

I am  completely satisfied.  As a foreigner  service was key and  I will keep a great memory of this purchase.


Premium care

I bought the bota bag and had some doubts about the preparation process, I sent them an email and they answered me the same day, with a very detailed explanation.


highly recommended

Great present for  for a friend or loved one.



I was used to leather bota bags, but I found with the neoprene one exactly what I was looking for: something resistant and enduring. Thank you very much!!
Jesus Mariano Sancho Cardona


The best online store for traditional wineskins in  Spain, and probably in the whole world. I couldn't be more satisfied.



Great variety of high quality products!!

Better prices than on other pages and...

... easy to use, fast shipping and good after-sales communication. I will repeat!

Great experience

The best service, super fast shipping despite the fact that I ordered it from another country. Very satisfied.

David Mejia
Excellent service

An excellent attention. Accurate information. Thanks.

Francisco Ruiz
Excellent care and professionalism.
José Manuel


Not only the product but also its packaging and the provided info are excellent. Very good quality department


Very fast

The shipment has been very fast. The day after telling me that they were sending it, I already had it at home. Packaging in a box to prevent any deformation is perfect.


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