The "Las Tres ZZZ" wineskin

Made for sharing

"Las Tres Z.Z.Z."  has always been the wineskin top maker in the world. The finest materials, the extra care in the hand-making and the strict quality controls make each wineskin an unique item, for more than a century our wineskins have been widely renown.

Wine is arguably the most common beverage in the world, drinking it from a wineskin connects us with friends, with those sunny afternoons in the countryside, with our young selves visiting the local fair. The wineskin reminds us that more important than the drink itself is sharing moments. To talk about the wineskin is to dig deep in our traditions and in our shared history.

The value of craftsmanship

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Take care of your wineskin

We show you how to take care of your wineskin in the best way: Click here.